112How to win on pokies?

Whether you are experienced in playing pokies, or you are trying it for the first time, it is a game that requires mastery and constant improvement of the skills. It is a dynamic game, requiring you to learn tips, such that even gurus are able to double up their winning. Some of the ways you can register big wins on pokies include:

Understand your game

This is crucial for any player, to understand the kind of game that he or she is engaging in, because there are different types of pokie machines. While some are the ancient type with three reels on one payline, the contemporary ones will feature bonus rounds, multiple paylines and even videos.

The five-reel pokies for instance are highly volatile, which means the payouts are huge, but a lot of risks are involved because the winning is infrequent. The three-reel pokies on the other hand have a lower volatility, which means there is a possibility of you winning from time to time, though the payouts are relatively low. Once you understand the basics such as paylines, the wild and scatter symbols together with the circumstances under which a jackpot appears, then you are good to gunner more wins.

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Setting your winnings aside

In a winning streak, it is important that you hold onto your funds safely. If you are registering huge wins every time you play, it is advisable that you take some of the benefits from the machine into the online casino account. If your winning streak happens to end, you will not be tempted to spend all your fortunes.

Play bonus rounds

Online pokies will treat you to the most exciting bonuses that you will not find with any other casino game, which means you need to make good use of these bonuses in order to make regular winnings. With bonuses, you are not at risk of spending all your fortunes. However, you should as well learn to play within your limits, no matter how luring the game may be.

Before you settle on any game, determine the amount that you want to use, so that you do not go beyond the limit. This not only secures you but also adds effort to your game so that you are set to win even with the last bit of your per-determined expenditure.

Play maximum lines and bets

If you opt for the progressive game especially, it is important for you to have it in mind that it takes a maximum bet in order for you to register a win in the progressive jackpots. Most of the machines will instruct you to make small bets as you watch the bankroll, which of course is important but if you are out for the big win, you must play the maximum coin size and paylines in order to secure your probability of winning.

Stay away from the tables

Very few people understand that the machines which are closest to the tables have a lower payout ratio. When playing pokies, the lights and sounds produced by winning players are disturbing to the table players, one of the issues that casinos want to minimize by checking on the winning ratio.

In general, even with the highest level of experience in playing pokies. You need to take these tips into consideration, in order for you to win big.