How to play pokies?

Generally, there is nothing complicated when it comes to playing pokies, except just a few rules that are needed to be followed to get you track. In fact, this is one of the reasons pokies is very popular among Australian players because all that’s needed is put a coin in a pokie machine then pull the lever and off you go! So, if you are new to playing pokies and you are wondering what the rules are there, we hope today’s exclusive post will be of great help. But before we proceed, keep the following two things in mind;

In every pokie machine, there is a limit to what amount of bet that you can place. If the pokie machine you are playing on has a number of coins set to be the, don’t exceed it

There are other pokies, that have unique betting structures, thus, it’s vital that you first understand how to work the unique features before proceeding.

Are there special types of pokies that have higher chances of winning?

how to play pokies

All pokies are produced with a slight house advantage, and that is how the casinos get their profits. So, collectively pokies tend to have almost equal winning or losing odds, but there’s a slight variance from one machine to another. For instance, pokie machines that accept deposits of $5 or more, usually have very high payouts.

Moreover, our recent research confirmed that single-payline pokies give the player better chances of winning as compared to multi-payline pokies.

Furthermore, pokies which have smaller jackpots are the ones that you are more likely to be won, compared to larger progressive jackpots pokies. So, if you are just looking for a few quick wins and not the mammoth sum in the jackpot reward, you are better off spinning the reels with much smaller jackpot rewards.

Above anything else, you should look at the RTP of the pokie machine that you are about to play; the higher the Return to Player rates (RPT), the higher the chances of winning in that particular machine.  By taking Aztec’s Millions for instance, it has very high RTP percentage of 95%, and thanks to wild symbols, multipliers, free spin among other bonus features, you can get more bang out of your buck with every spin.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

In case you aren’t sure what RTP means, well, think of it this way; each time you play pokie machine, there is the percentage of money that you win and there’s the portion that you lose. So, the RTP percentage is this percentage of your money that you are likely to get back when you play. Take for instance a pokie that has an RTP of 97%; it means that for every $10 you spend on the reels, you are likely to get $9.7 of your money back. And thus, the higher the RTP, the better your payouts. You must however remember that RTP values are usually calculated over long periods of time on average; therefore, it’s never a guarantee that you will get a specific percentage of your money back. It could be much more, and it could also be much less!

rtp explained

How can you increase your chances of winning on any pokie game?

Even though pokies are considered games of luck, there are still some measures you can take increase your odds of winning. They are;

◼ To increase your chances of winning any progressive pokies, avoid the ones whose jackpots have just been hit in the recent past, like a month ago for example. This is because, the chances of the jackpot being won again anytime soon is pretty rare. The best pokies to try are the ones that have not been won for a long time they are more likely to offer very high payouts

◼ Another important factor to consider if you want to level up your winning chances is playing pokies that have higher payout percentages. The best payout percentage to consider is anything above 95%

◼ If you aren’t already familiar with the game you want to play, start by trying out the demo version before you head over to real money play

◼ In case you are hunting for a jackpot, play with the maximum bet available.

◼ Spend sometime on the paytable of the machine so that you can understand exactly what you need to do to walk away with larger payouts