How to Play Pokies?

Basic Online Pokies Rules

how to play pokiesWhile there are no complicated rules when it comes to how to play pokies, there are just a few simple guidelines, which is one of the reasons that pokies have grown in popularity among players; Virtually speaking, all a player has to do is place a coin into the pokie machine and pull the lever. Which can basically be said for real world pokies as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to how to play pokies.

However, the few simple guidelines to follow when it comes to playing pokies are as follows; pokies have pre-determined limits (maximum bets) that you can not exceed, different pokies have different restrictions on the structure of bets (such as the number of reels and paylines), wild symbols, scatter symbols, and knowing what exactly will get you a winning combination by taking a look at the pay table.

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What Type of Pokie Machine Has the Highest Chance of Winning?

Most pokies, especially newly released ones, all have the same odds of winning, after all pokies are programmed with the house having the advantage. You should only play the pokies in which have the best payouts; Research shows that the $5 and higher pokies have the highest range of payouts, finding that the less expensive it is to play a pokie; The payouts decline significantly.

Also, single-payline pokies, as opposed to multiple-payline pokies, have better odds winning and thus increasing your earnings for a higher payout. Those with smaller jackpots, as opposed to the often high payout percentage of a progressive jackpot, are more likely to be won. Aztec’s Millions, which is a progressive jackpot pokie, has a 95% RPT (Return to player) rate and offers stacked wild symbols, free spins, multipliers. The higher RPT rate that a pokie has, the higher the chance that a player has of winning.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning on the Pokies?

To increase your chances of winning on a pokie there are several things that can be done; If you’re playing progressive jackpot pokies, don’t play any that have hit the jackpot within the last month because those won’t be likely to hit jackpot again anytime soon.

Your best bet will be to stick to pokies that haven’t hit jackpot in a long while and those that have been recently added to the online casino as their more likely to give out higher payouts. Of course, one of the most important factors that plays a key role in increasing a player’s chance of winning is to make sure you’re playing the online pokies with the highest payout percentages, with the best being anywhere between 90% and 99%; a good player when know that when it comes to how to play pokies.

Another tip would be to always play the maximum number of coins (maximum bet) because it’s the only way to hit the jackpot and when you find an online pokie that you seen to have great success with, stick with it.