MoneyGram Deposit Options


MoneyGram was originally known as Traveler’s Express and was founded back in 1940. They expanded to international markets by 1990, opening more than 100 branches. Since then, they have become the second largest name in money transfers with more than 350,000 branches in 200 countries around the world. And as a result, this payment options stands as one of the most popular monetary transfer merchants including in online casino sites. In case you were wondering how to do it, keep reading our latest review to find out more.

How to use MoneyGram to load a deposit in an Australian online casino?

Once you have chosen an Australian online casino of your choice, you will need to start by registering an account. Once you are set up with your account, the next step will be for you to deposit into that account so you can play for real cash. If MoneyGram is accepted, here is a step by step guide on how to load your deposit;

1 . First, reach out to the casino personnel and inform them that you plan to use MoneyGram on depositing your funds. They will provide you with the relevant information.

2 . Go to one of the MoneyGram physical shops and fill in a money transfer form with the necessary details.

3 . Give them the amount of money you want to deposit and enough to cover any fees. You will be issued with a receipt.

4 . Finally, you keep the receipt because it has an important number on it that you will need to enter in the casino payment section to verify your deposit.

Thankfully, this payment merchant recently introduced online payments. Thus, you can also create a MoneyGram account online, load it instantly via your credit or debit card. From there, you can send the cash to your online gaming account by entering the casino details as the recipient in your MoneyGram account! However, you will still have to consult with the support team to verify the casino’s transactional information.

Limits and Speeds

limits and speeds

MoneyGram is very flexible when it comes to depositing limits especially when you use the online services. While physical agent transactions are limited to a minimum of $1 to about $899 per transaction and up to $3,000 per day, the internet-based transactions allow you to send money anywhere from $1 to $6,000 in any single transaction. While deposit transactions are usually instant, the limits will vary from one Aussie gaming site to another.

Security Features

security features

MoneyGram is one of the biggest money transfers in the business world are owned by big companies such as THL and Goldman Sachs. Therefore you can trust their reliability. In addition to that, MoneyGram has a 128-bit SSL technology that protects your financial data for internet-based transactions.

Top 3 Aussie Casinos accepting MoneyGram

To use this service to make a deposit, you will need first to find a casino that accepts this method. Here are the top 3 Aussie casinos accepting MoneyGram.

Final Review of MoneyGram

After a thorough review, here is our take on MoneyGram;


♦ It is a secure and fast payment method.

♦ Accepted at many Australian friendly online casinos.

♦ A lucrative rewards program where you can earn points.

♦ Anonymous transactions if you decide to load using an agent voucher

♦ Instant deposits


♦ Much larger fees associated with this method compared to other payment options.

♦ The inconvenience of having to go to an agent physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked questions about MoneyGram deposit include;

1. Do I need an account to use this method?

There are no accounts needed to make deposits. The only thing you will need to register for is your casino account. Transfers can be made without signing up for anything if you load using deposit vouchers. However, to use their online platform, you will have to create an account.

2. Are withdrawals offered by this method?

Some casinos do offer withdrawals via this service. The process will be similar to making a deposit but in reverse. That is, you will need to receive a reference number from customer service, allowing you to pick up your money from a local agent.

3. What fees are charged by MoneyGram?

The fees charged depend on your location and where you want to send the cash. Visit the MoneyGram website where there is a tool that will help you calculate the charges you may incur.