How to Play Progressive Pokies?

how to play progressive pokies

Have you ever imagined winning big as you play your number one pokie game? Well, you should think about playing progressive pokies. But before you do anything there are a few questions you should ask yourself; how do progressive pokies work? What are the best strategies for winning? Where can I find the best progressive pokies? Read our exclusive scoop to answer all your questions now!

How Progressive Pokies Work?

A progressive pokie game is a pokie having a jackpot prize that increases by a given percentage with every spin until the jackpot is won. After the lump sum is won, the prize is then reset to a pre-determined level. The jackpot size starts growing again until another player hits the winning prize.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Pokies

These pokies come in different varieties, with the most popular types being:

Standalone progressive pokiesStandalone progressive pokies have a single-game jackpot. The game is not linked to any other online slot. They will payout small progressive jackpots having a relatively higher frequency.

In-house progressive pokiesThese pokie games are linked together. They are operated by the similar online casino or gaming firm across one or numerous sites. In-house progressive pokies offer much bigger payouts than stand-alone progressive pokies.

Wide area progressive pokies these pokies are connected across several companies and online casinos. They are the millionaire-making, life-changing progressive pokies. However, they have the lowest odds of winning.

How To Play for a Progressive Jackpot

For you to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot, ensure you play each spin with the highest number of coins. Always use the game’s autoplay feature, or the ‘Max Bet’ button with Max Bet triggered earlier. This ensures you’re in contention for the big prize.

The best and most rewarding progressive jackpots to win are the wide-area progressives even though they are also the toughest to win. And remember, the bigger your bankroll, the higher the risk you can take. Your bankroll size will determine whether you play wide-area progressive pokies or stand-alone progressive pokies.

Strategies for Winning Progressive Jackpots

winning at progressive pokies

There’s no denying that it takes a lot of luck for you to win such huge rewards. But then again, you can significantly increase your winning chances by being clever about the games you select and how you play. Most of the online casinos have numerous banks of progressive pokies, and thus, you should tread cautiously and select the pokie game that is within your budget. Also, ensure the pokie you’ve selected has the highest payout percentages and the jackpot amount. Do that while bearing in mind that the smaller jackpots pay out more frequently.

Again, your bankroll will ultimately dictate the progressive pokie games that you can comfortably play. Feel like you can take more risk? If so, ensure you max out and go for the best prizes. But if necessary, you better hold back and instead take on the lesser jackpots since you have a better winning chance. Doesn’t seem smart enough to you? Well, think about this, 10% chance of hitting an A$2,000 payout or a 0.0001% chance of winning A$2,000,000?

Where to Play Progressive Pokies in Australia

You can start playing some of the best progressive pokies at the following top online casinos: