Bank Wire Transfers

wire transfer

Bank transfer also commonly referred to as wire transfer, is considered the and most trustworthy means of payment used by Australian players as well as gamers from all over the world.

Essentially this payment method is used to transfer money from the bank of the payer to that of the casino and vice versa. Bank transfers may be done via your local bank or a specified cash office and offer online casino players one of the best methods by which to bank. This payment option usually comes in handy especially when it comes to loading and cashing out large sums of cash to and from your online gaming account.

In case you were wondering how you can use your bank for your direct casino transactions or you were just curious about the specifics, spare the next couple of minutes, and all your questions will be answered. Here we go!

How to Deposit at Online Casinos via Bank Wire Transfer

Do you know how to deposit to your casino account using wire transfers? Below is a step by step guide on how to send funds to an online casino via bank wire:

1. Sign up at an online casino that accepts bank transfers

For you to be able to send funds to an online casino via Bank Transfer, first of all, you have to sign up to an Aussie online casino that accepts this option.

2. Gather all the required information

After registering with the required online casino, it’s time to collect all the info you need to transfer your funds to the casino. Normally you’ll require the casino’s SWIFT, BIC, or IBAN code, the right casino’s address and casino’s bank. To complete the bank wire transfer, you’ll also be required to give your personal banking information.

3. Load your deposit

You can go to the bank and ask for a form to fill out or contact the bank via phone and ask if they have a form to be filled online. Sometimes, your bank may also call you to verify whether you are the one carrying out the transaction. And you should note that the bank transfer fees vary from bank to bank. Normally, the fees range from $10-$50 hence always make sure you verify the fees applicable before requesting a bank transfer.

4. Wait for the funds to be available in your account

In most cases, the transaction will be processed instantly, but it could take a few hours since banks normally have different protocols to follow for them to process such transactions.

For cashing out, the process is similar, but this time, you may have to fill in your banks SWIFT, BIC or IBAN code and your physical address. Furthermore, the house may also require you to verify your identity, and you may have to submit your identification documents.

Bank Wire Transfer Security

wire transfer security

Bank/Wire transfers are very secure since there are no third parties involved. Transactions take place between your bank of choice and the online casino. Therefore, the privacy of the senders and the recipients remain protected. Moreover, banks use top-notch security and encryption technologies for wire transfers to guarantee the safety of the transactions that are carried out online. Moreover, since SWIFT number codes are provided for each party to receive payments, more security and privacy are added to this means of payment than compared to any other. Finally, depending on the bank, you may also have to verify each transaction using an OTP (One Time Password) that is sent via text message.

When it comes to the limits, you are usually allowed to transfer between as little as $20 to $10,000 per transaction, but the limits will vary from one online casino to another.

Top Aussie Casinos Accepting Bank/Wire Transfer

Some of the best online casinos in Australia hat accept Bank Wire transfer as a means of payment include:

Final Thoughts

Some of the pros and cons of using Bank Wire transfer as a means of payment include:


♦ Huge amounts of cash can be transferred; a top choice for high rollers

♦ It’s accepted by most online casinos

♦ Safe and secure

♦ Highly reliable

♦ No third parties involved in your transactions


♦ Rather expensive compared with other means of payment such as credit/debit cards

♦ Longer transfer times especially for withdrawals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Bank Wire transfers:

1. Is Bank Wire Transfer safe for online casinos?

Absolutely, it’s among the most secure means of payment to use online. Banks usually use multiple encryption technologies plus SWIFT codes for tight security and total privacy of transactions

2. Are there fees associated with Bank Wire Transfer?

Yes, there are fees associated with wire transfers, and they will rely on the individual bank and the casino.

3. How long does it take to deposit via Bank Wire Transfer?

This can be instant, or they may take a few hours. It depends on the bank you’re using.