Progressive Pokies in Australia

progressive pokies

Have you ever imagined of winning big after playing your favourite pokie machine? If so, then you should consider playing progressive pokies. Progressive jackpot pokies are casino gaming machines where the value of the prize money increases every time a punter plays until the prize money is won.

Progressive jackpot pokies in Australia are a fantastic form of online pokies that are enjoyed by lots of pokieheads out there. The attraction of the always increasing jackpot prize money is sufficient to lure any player to the table. This makes them much more entertaining and captivating after every spin since the stakes keep getting higher and here. If you’ve been having any questions about this type of online pokies, continue reading below for you to get a better understanding of what is waiting for you once you start playing them!

The Difference Between Progressive and Static Jackpot Pokies

Static pokies are standard pokie machines which provide standard fixed payouts while progressive pokies are pokie machines that offer jackpots which increase on an ongoing basis.

How do the Progressive Pokies Work?

A progressive pokie is a variety of online pokies that differs from other online pokies in one significant way; the increasing jackpot, and here’s how they work;

1. A group of pokie machines (both online and land-based) are connected.

2. Every time a player bets on one of these pokies, a portion of that bet is placed into the progressive jackpot pool.

4. Each time a bet is placed on the game the jackpot continually increases.

5. The amount reverts to the base jackpot amount the moment the jackpot is won

Types of Progressive Jackpot Pokies

The major categories of progressive jackpots in Australia are only three, with one of them being devoted to online casinos and land-based casinos all over Australia. Here is a brief look at each of the major variants:

how progressive pokies work

· In-House or Local Progressive Jackpots

These are jackpots that are common in brick and mortar casinos. They are connected to a particular online casino and can also be associated with several games in that specific casino. Online casinos also do provide these jackpots though it’s scarce as the casinos prefer the progressive jackpots offered by their casino software provider. In most situations, the Jackpot amount in an In-House/Local Progressive jackpot game could be around A$1 million.

in-house progressive pokies

· Stand Alone Progressives

These are progressive jackpots only found in land-based casinos. These pokies don’t relate with any other machine and were the only types of progressives when pokie machines were first launched. A given small fraction of the wagers placed into these machines are put through to the jackpot which steadily grows. Stand Alone progressive pokies usually contain jackpot amounts of around A$10,000 and below.  

stand alone progressive pokies

· Wide Area Progressives

These jackpots are not limited to any of the conditions named above. Wide area progressive jackpots involve various casinos connected to different jackpot games. And when gamers from the different casinos play the game, the contributions will all be combined and reach a money-spinning total that is often more than A$1 million which in some instances can go up to over A$10 million. For plenty of Aussie gamers who enjoy betting on progressives, this type of pokie is their favourite, obviously because it comes with a promise of the biggest rewards.

wide area progressive pokies

Top Australian Progressive Pokies

Wondering which progressive pokies you can start with today? Here is a quick highlight from the top developers that accept Australian players.

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

RTG boasts of offering some of the most popular progressive pokies in the online casino industry. Regarding progressive jackpots, its biggest hit yet is:

aztec's millions

Aztec’s Millions

This is a progressive jackpot pokie that comes with 5 reels and 25 adjustable paylines. For you to collect the handsome progressive prize, you need to land 5 symbols with the Aztec’s Millions logo on a triggered payline. The jackpot seeds at the record amount of $1 million and after it’s won, it immediately resets, and players can have a go at it once again.

Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming falls among the top software developers in offering quality online pokies for Aussie players. It also has numerous exceptional titles, and for those that come with the most rewarding jackpots, Major Moolah is the most popular yet.

major moolah

Major Moolah

This is a 3 reel, one payline progressive jackpot hotshot.  It is a perfect option for both inexperienced and seasoned players due to its simplified interface and simple-to-master gameplay. Major Moolah’s progressive prize is triggered randomly. For you to claim the pot, you need to hit 3 Major Moolah symbols on the payline, and you will find yourself laughing to the bank, ready to celebrate your payout!

IGT Progressive Pokie

Also among the best software developers for Aussie gamers, IGT has done a pretty cool job in giving pokie enthusiasts a time of their lives. One of its most popular IGT progressive pokie in Australia is:

mega jackpots

Mega Jackpots Isle O’Plenty

This is a 5 reel, 40 payline progressive jackpot hit, where you are taken through a super fun venture to the hills of Ireland. And to win the jackpot, there are three different ways to hit it; land on 4 Mega Jackpots symbols in the regular game or bonus round, or in the Second Chance feature.

Progressive Jackpot Pokie Tips for Aussies

To make sure that nothing interrupts your winning shot, you should keep the following tips in mind;

✔ Ensure you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your chosen progressive pokie.

✔ Take a look at the paytable to find out how you can trigger the jackpot

✔ Set a budget of the amount of money you wish to bet with and do not exceed this amount.

✔ Take a progressive pokie whose payout is higher than usual

✔ If you want to boost your winning potentials, play a pokie where the jackpot hasn’t been triggered in a long time.

✔ Pick a progressive jackpot game having a higher payout percentage. The higher the payout percentage, the higher your winning chances.