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It goes by many names. Some call it a game of chance, while some begs to disagree. The claim that luck and chance can play a very small effect to the outcome of the game as opposed to strategy. To Americans, they are the slot machines; to the British, they are the fruit machines.

But here in Australia, we Aussies know what is up: we call them pokies. Pokies, or poker machines as they are more formally called, came to Australia as early as the late 1890s to the early 1900s. Each of these mechanical gambling machines featured pictures of ordinary playing cards. To win (just like in poker) you need to match them up. This is the main reason why they were called poker machines in the first place. But soon, our knack for giving things a nickname began to kick in and ever since then, we Aussies have always called them pokies for as long as anyone can remember.

Real money pokies are one of the most popular casino game types in Australia

It didn’t come as a surprise for anyone when pokies began to become a popular way of gambling all over Australia. Why not? Australian pokies are fun, creative, and definitely a lot easier to win than most gambling games. In the recent years, pokies have drawn a number of loyal followers and enthusiasts from all over Australia. If you don’t believe us, try entering any casino in Australia and you are sure to find an entire floor is being dominated by various poker machines. Without a doubt you will also find a great number of players, faces lined with hope and concentration.

Even pubs and clubs out here have some pokies in line for their customers! Talk about being popular. Another sign of the immense popularity of Australian poker machines is the rise of online casino gaming. Here, game manufacturers develop apps and software for computers and mobile devices that allow you to play pokies online either for fun (free) or with real money! These pokies are equipped with all the fun and excitement that real-time casino pokies have, even without leaving the comfort of your own house.

Playing online real money pokies also allows you to win cash on prizes and bonuses. Because there are a lot of people joining the gaming rooms, you can be sure to win big bonuses – some even amounting to AU$2000! One of the biggest names in online casino industry right now is RTG. With more or less 500 games tucked in under their belt, RTG is certainly poised to dominate Australia’s online gambling market. Their online pokies for real money feature catchy 3D graphics, exciting game play, and big cash bonuses that players from all ages clamor to be a part of.

Best online casinos offering real money pokies in Australia

Some of the most popular online casinos are:  Fair Go Casino, Planet 7 OZ Casino, Joe Fortune, and the Casino Mate. You can browse the best online casino directory and easily find suitable site that host many pokies games, free or real money. Let’s face it: poker machines are now part of our list of worthwhile leisure activities. And now that technology is finally bringing this fun activity to our computers and mobile devices, things can only go up for Aussie players for sure. Why not take a part of this venture right now and take a spin in one of RTG’s real money online pokies? You surely won’t regret it.